Uma was jumping around the set in anticipation of her next client Martin who Uma is somewhat infatuated with. Martin was a bit surprised that Uma already knew a lot about him and was lifting up his sleeve to see his tattoos, and reaching in his trousers to feel his fat cock. Uma stood proudly by her massage table and helped Martin take off his top and laid him down, she then proceeded to work away at his well built frame which you could see sent her into another world, especially as she rubbed oil into his inked arms and torso. Martin obviously liked Uma because as soon as she took off his pants to place a towel on him he was rock hard, something Uma made the most of by rubbing copious amounts of oil onto it and giving him a great hand job before putting the large tool in her mouth and sucking it off. Uma wasn’t going to waste any time and soon jumped up on the table and sat down on Martin, sliding his thick meat deep in her wet hole and proceeding to gyrate profusely on it until weak at the knees. From that moment on we all knew these two were on the highway to horny town and we weren’t wrong as the sex was electric and both parties were immersed in one another until Uma sat behind Martin and gave him a climactic hand job he will never forget.